The Screensaver Collection

Investigating the status of screensavers now, the collection digs into the possibilities of the medium in a post-CRT era. As screensavers are no longer predicated on functional design to reduce screen burn, they instead act as opulent artifacts; decorative choices that consume electricity for aesthetic purpose. Although screensavers have been freed from their historical origin, operating systems have almost universally kept screensaver functionality built into the system settings.

This allows the screensaver to slip into the ‘empty spaces’ of monitors and screens in their non-active times, recasting them as active art objects. Framed as performances for an empty room, screensavers takes advantage of the omnipresence of sleeping screens in daily life. They are generative and non-repeating, but also predictable; although the landscape of each screensaver is never the same, they do not reward close attention. They are ambient works for the back of one’s head.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 9.31.25 PM.png