the eye of the lake is already much closer (drawings 2014-2016);

a black and white drawing of a fence descending into leaves

a drawing of three dogs under birch trees with gold leaf leaves

drawing of inside of bark drawing of outside of bark

drawing of a bowl with a mountain in it

drawing of a mountainside on fire - the fire is picked out in gold leaf

drawing of a bowl- inside the bowl is a brushfire. the fire is gold leaf

drawing of a saucer, with two houses in it among pine trees. one is on fire

drawing of a town at the base of a mountain. on the sea.

drawing of a road from streetview

drawing of a curled up fox

drawing of a small rock drawing of a slice of a geode

drawing of a coyote sniffing a bundle in the mud

drawing of water at the base of a cliff of foliage

drawing of clouds raining on rocks drawing of rocks and grasses without perspective

drawing of rock mountains

watercolor painting of icebergs in a bowl

drawing of pilars and sandstone mountains

drawing of a saint in the mountains discovering a bird strangled by a snake

drawing of two dogs in the grasslands - a bubbling dome is picked out in gold leaf

drawing of dog in mountains. a moon is up

drawing of outside of geode

drawing of a platter, with rocks inside and a sun in gold leaf

a sketchboard etching of orbs in the clouds drawing of grass islands fading off into water

drawing an oval bowl with two mountains in it - behind is gold leaf